Farewell to NZ

Wed 4 Apr 2007 07:42

January was the last month that Jacky was going to be in New Zealand as febuary  had

Had been set aside to complete as much work as possible to prepare Penguin for the

Next nine months at sea. Jacky having decided she would be happier back in UK than

In the boat yard. So we decided to get ourselves down to the south Island and enjoy

The scenery their. We flew from Auckland to Queenstown and had stunning views of

The mountains and coastline. We stayed in a backpackers lodge with great views out

Over the lake, one evening we had a fantastic view of a comet. The walks close to

The town were great  and got you up into the mountains, this whole area is the centre of the South Island ski resorts in the NZ winter.  We also got ourselves up for a Paragliding

Trip with various degrees of enjoyment. Most of the following two weeks were spent

Looking for areas to walk in and enjoying the fantastic country and mountains. This

Was  a period  of time with no other distractions and we were able to do and go were

Ever  we wanted. We did our pilgrimage to Milford sound and Jacky

Had a mornings horse riding in the Dart valley, Riding on the horses used in the

Filming of Lord of The Rings.  All to soon the days had passed by with and once again

It was time to head back to Auckland, for Jacky to catch her flight back to UK.

Nick and Jo had got themselves out of Sydney and were travelling around Northern

Australia they too were making plans to return to UK but would be at least another

Month in Aus. So on the third of February we were once again at Auckland airport

This time it would only be one of us boarding and not knowing when we would see

Each other again. With some luck Jack will get herself to Thailand or somewhere

For a few weeks to meet up  again, otherwise it will be xmas before I can fly back

From South Africa.


 Whilst  we had been away one of the other Boaties,  Dave had been working hard

Doing the interior varnish work so I returned to find a Beautiful bright varnished

Boat, so the following three weeks were spent doing as much as we could to get

Penguin in great shape for the next 14000miles of her journey including the first

Step her return to Queensland Australia and the completion of her Circumnavigation.

Being a lone person at the boatyard has one advantage, You are felt sorry for and

Get adopted by one of the generous couples.  Dave and Mary seemed to adopt

Me and I had lots of parcels of fruit and invitations for dinner. Much appreciated.


 So with Penguin back in the water sea trials having taken place, all in good shape,

It was time for me to leave Whangarei and get myself down to Auckland to meet

Niamh who was flying in from Aus and Will Stone a new Crew member from the

USA. My trip to Auckland included a stop at the Great Barrier Island, once again

Another fantastic beautiful place New Zealand is truly blessed and the biggest bonus

Is there is very few people to spoil it all. From the Barrier Island it was a day sail into

Auckland where I had found a berth outside the Maritime Museum in downtown

Auckland a definite contrast from my previous anchorage.


 So by the 14 march both Niamh and Will had been meet at the airport, and we once

Again we had our full crew and were ready to go sailing, the weather gods had

Other ideas and the next two days we spent tied to the dock whilst 25-30 knot

Wind and rain persuaded us to enjoy the delights of the city for a few extra days.

Colin who had sailed across from Panama with us had kept in contact and was

Keen to hitch a lift with us to Indonesia, I had told him that he was welcome to

Join us but had to get himself to Opua Bay of Islands by the 20th. We did in fact

Pull in to Whangarei for some final work which is were he caught up with us. It

Had also been an outstanding request that Niamh would get a chance to Dive at

The Poor Knights, as her broken wrist had made that impossible in October. We

Finally got to Opua on the 22march and got our Clearance out for Australia midday

On the 23rd  The weather across the Tasman was looking reasonably good so the

Decision was made and we departed Opua at 12.30.  It was a great feeling to be

Setting of with a crew you were confident in and had enjoyed so much with during

The previous year, Penguin was also in great shape after her NZ refit and pampering.



                 Another fine mess you got me into.





I might be a film star But I Can`t talk.

Penguin waiting for crew outside Maritime Museum  Downtown Auckland.

Ready to go, the crew at the Dock Opua.  Niamh  Rob  Will  Colin.