Tue 20 Sep 2005 20:28
September 12 to 20 2005
Her ladyship on the helm and enjoying life. Out of the Bay of Biscay at last.
Left Santander on Thursday morning and set off for an overnight trip to Ria de  Ribadeo.  Again head winds plagued us and but this time not enough.  Got to within 5 miles of our destination and was hit by a squall.  Arrived with great haste surfing in under a high road bridge hung a hard left and dropped anchor, not one not two but three to hold us in a narrow channel.  At low tide you could nearly step ashore.  Walked around the very small village of Figueras and had a few beers in the local watering hole.  Rob took off in the dinghy to go snorkelling to bring home supper, his fishing ability 'under water' was as good as the 'on water'
ie beans again, however there are no seagulls underwater.
Off again the next day for La Coruna (our actual original destination across the Bay) at first light, Rob said, he woke early read the GMT clock (2 hours earlier than Spanish time) and went back to bed.  At last favourable wind direction and force 4 - 5, perfect, even the dolphins were playing with us.  Arrived La Coruna in the evening.  Walked around the town Monday morning doing some food shopping (sneaking in some meat when Jak wasn't looking).  Away in the afternoon after confusion over the mooring fees. 
An overnight trip planned to take us out of the dreaded Bay of Biscay and around the corner into the Atlantic coast of Spain/Portugal.  We were making for Bayona but made such good time, even using the ol' iron topsail, that we decided to push onto Viana do Castelo so now in Portugal.
Have to make good haste now to get to Lisbon for September 25 to pick up Ian Mansfield  who is joining us for the passage to Lanzorote.
From HLS
All this talk about sailing is putting me to sleep.It's all about languages in these places and making yourself look like a complete idiot or understood, trouble is there is nobody to tell you what you may
have thought you said. My best one was in France back in L'aberwrach where I asked for three pietons for the showers I was corrected and told it was a jetons I needed. My curiosity got the better
of me so I looked it up and discovered  a pietons is a pedestrian. Move to Spain need some bleach I was hopping round the shop pointing at clothes and clothes saying Blanco would you believe it she got my
drift laughed to which I commented because the bottle was so large todos el mundo es blanco she laughed even more. I think I said the whole world is white! Help Mum
Now we are in Portugal I am completely stuck so the boys are on there own
To those of you who have so kindly been concerned about my welfare I am fine now can even cook below decks and I have become master of the loo. Which means getting back on deck before anything unplanned
I was let out on my own last night for the first time. The only company I had was the setting sun which sizzled into the ever elusive horizon and Venus was with me for and hour. The moon from behind
crimson and huge . Rob told me it was a busy area so keep a good watch out. I must have looked like a demented owl the way my head was swivelling round made me dizzy it takes a while to get used to
who is doing what out there. At 11.30 the boat was completely surrounded by dolphins what a treat to enjoy all on my own. Kicked Normy out of bed then I was back on duty at 04.30. Had a restful day and
started to learn more about Navigation. God help us all.
Thanks again for all your lovely emails.