Mon 5 Dec 2005 13:46
Pretty well the same as yesterday, really - wind good, boat charging along at 7-8 knots with kite up.  Still hot but we were subjected to yet more rain last night!
Have just seen another yacht - first one for about 4 or 5 days.  He appared on the horizon about 3 hours ago and we are now on the verge of overtaking him............keeps us amused!
No fish caught - Clare the fisherman thinks we are going too fast for them.  Also no wildlife, other than flying fish. 
Traditional Sunday roast last night for supper went down very well, but think is maybe a little hot in these climes for such food.  The problem is now that virtually all the fresh food has gone, other than 3 tomatoes and a bit of cabbage, so we are moving on to the pastas, bean/pulse dishes with rice.
To celebrate the passing of the '1000 miles to go' milestone, we broke ot a bottle of South Australian Shiraz, labelled 'The Little Penguin'.  Very nice too but amazing how little alcohol required to make you feel tipsy, after 2 weeks without!