Wed 12 Oct 2005 13:18
Ian and Liz enjoying the sailing.
Spent about a week at Isla Graciosa, not just a one horse town but a one horse island.  Small little fishing port and marina no water or facilities but had a character of it's own.  Many boats from all over the world, and at the pontoon party gained information and contacts for the future especially Australia.  The island was good for desert walking and nude sun bathing and swimming, don't worry we are British and kept our dignity.  My one memory of this place will be the electric storm at about 0300hrs one morning, just amazing it was centred over the other side of the mountain on Lanzarote some 3 miles away, just continuous sheet lighting and thunder, lighting the sky like it was midday, quite spectacular, oh and the naked girls were a good memory aswell!  Sun tan is coming on, don't worry I'm putting the cream on and not burning.
We climbed the face of one of the volcano's, on all fours in places, clinging on by your fingers and toes, very worth while for the view.  The downward trip was easier, except when a rabbit bolted from a hole right under my feet, scared the living daylights out of me, which sent me falling 20 yards down the hill.
Motor sailed down to Playa Blanca, Marina Rubicon on Monday October 10.  The coast line is like moon scape the lava flows travelling down to the sea, all very barren.  The marina is very plush, a bar at the reception centre as you arrive, so the crew were  treated to G & T's while Rob had to do the necessary paper  work.  We were then escorted to our berth by two guys in a rib and ropes taken to moor us.  Very smart shops and restaurants around the marina, so completely different to Graciosa. 
Ian and Liz leave us on Thursday morning for a short trip to Arriciffe airport.  Their company during the last week, or so, has been fantastic, it will be strange to be just the 3 of us again on Penguin .
All I could think of when we arrived at Rubicon was my lovely daughter Jo who would have loved the two young guys who tied us up. I am sure they would have been far more interested in our passengers had she been here.
Liz and I decided they could tie us up anytime. Dream on.!
It has been lovely to have some friends come and see us from Blighty. Now we have to do some exploring and then it will be some pretty serious focus stuff on the ARC which means me doing I am not sure what, and the
boys constantly tinkering with Penguin.Do I get jealous of the attention lavished on her, better not get into that.
Please don't invest in a house in this area unless you want to live on a burnt out coal fire. The landscape looks simply dead and for those of you who know me well I can't get exited about a little bit of green you may
find under a rock. I just shut my eyes and thought of the New Forest I swear I could smell it. I bet it's autumnal at home, lovely.
We also have to make some fancy dress costumes for a Mardi Gras party in Las Palmas at some point. Coconuts , bananas and a few palms should do the trick!
Take care all of you TTFN Jak