Tue 22 Nov 2005 18:05
Day 2
The crew of Penguin welcome you!
Slow progress today - no wind worth mentioning so have resorted to a bit of  engine action to try to position ourselves better for where the wind may decide to appear.  Bit noisy, though, 'specially when your bed is about 3 inches from the engine itself.  Still running now, 27 hrs later, so maybe we are heading the wrong way?  No sign of any change, either, which is a bit dull.  Swells around 4-5 foot high, but glassy as no wind.  Still, it's warm and sunny and we just saw loads of dolphins, one of which looked like it was in the Olympic squad for high jump, only a little one but was certainly flying high.  Also seen a few solitary little turtles, floating around .  Not sure what they are up to but hopefully they have a plan.
Major concerns about cheese already - have eaten one pack so far and only three left so have started rationing - one pack per week, unless  we find some more hidden away somewhere.  So much food on boat though - could start a corner shop, except there's not likely to be many customers out here - so we are not going to get to worried just yet.
Anyway, must dash - got to lie around on deck for a while longer and maybe have a little read.
PS - saw these little things last night that glow and jump out of the water when you point the torch at them - any ideas what they are??
PPS - fishing score - Rob 0 Clare 0 
The secret had to come out there are packs of cheese hidden in the bottom of the fridge. Can't let them have it all in the first week.
Some friends of ours who we spent a week next to in Las Palmas had to go to a ship in distress yesterday , it was amusing & worrying at one point as they thought the
boat was going to sink. The Spanish authorities insisted on launching a helicopter and the entire Arc fleet could only listen on the radio as the drama unfolded.
I am glad to say Harvey and their crew are back in the race and the Canadian boat has got back to Las Palmas.
It's lovely to have J and Clare on board , they love cooking for a start!
Only 16 days to go. Mon dieu!.