Sat 17 May 2008 05:52


  Hello all who read the diary this is an experiment to see if I can get some information on to the web diary from the UK.


  I will be posting details of the last few weeks of Rob trip if this work so watch this space

my email is nuttyjacky {CHANGE TO AT} yahoo {DOT} co {DOT} uk so let me know if you are out there and if you will be able to join in watching Penguin come home.


At the moment Rob is on his way to meet Niamh's dad in the Azores. Sadly Penguin is not very well and she came into Tenerife with no engine. The diagnoses was pretty terminal for now so there is now no fridge (warm G&T's yuk) no hot water (stand well clear of Rob and Niamh when approaching land) and a little generator charging up the batteries so they can work out where they are and avoid those French fishermen.


With Percy Perkins deceased we now have a new friend called Johny strapped on the back

of Penguin a 25 hp outboard. I only hope Johny doesn't burst like Percy wouldn't like to think of the consequences.


The good news is they are both happy, Niamh has a new job to go back to in Dublin which she starts on the 1st of July. Well done Niamh, back to the real world.! Rob is really looking forward to bringing Penguin home and having a well deserved rest for both him and his boat.


I will leave Rob to fill in the spaces for the last few weeks. I would like to say however that there are a couple of very brave souls out there better known as Phil and Alison who did a leg on Penguin from Cape Verde to Tenerife. Suffice to say I now have two kindred spirits

they described themselves as virgin yachties. Let us say they are no longer virgins but I bet they wish they were.





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