We have left

Fri 2 Sep 2005 15:48
The Leaving Party Friday August 26 was a great success thanks to all who attended to make this such a special evening. Thanks to Nick and Jo for their words. We hope you all enjoyed the evening.
Left Lymington at 1000hrs Monday morning lots of emotion leaving family and friends, Peter and Pat Barton, Clogger, Sue and Rob Cole at Hurst Castle, Hannifan's and the Mansfield's forming the escort on the water, thanks to all, we think they were just making sure we had gone! 
Arrived in Alderney after a slow sail and lots of engine at midnight. Relaxing day Tuesday.
Left Alderney for L'Aberwrac'h Wednesday rnorning.
Had a hard sail during the night and arrived to an idillic evening at 5.00pm Thursday.
From her lady ship sitting on a blow up shark given the name Sebastian by nephew Dan hope he doesn't blow up before I finish he's
just a bit cossed eyed at the moment. Me I managed to feed alot of fish on the way over in my usual unlady like style but Rob sounded like a walruss when he
went off. Norman hung o to his chicken dinner and the fish went hungry. I am sure we will all get our sea legs soon.
Off to Brest tomorrow (steady Clogger)  still chilling in L'aberwrac'h today 2/09.