not long now

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sun 22 Dec 2013 20:21

7.15.907N 055.52.386W

Our last blog of 2 days ago bounced back today with some sort of error, so here is our latest
where not far now 335miles to go, its finally nice and warm
We've had a boring 4 days nothing much has happened, Jess spends most of her awake time on her college course work,
she's done mounds of it. James breaks the boredom watching films.Me? I spend most of my time cooking and washing up, nothing changes, can't use the washing machine the rolling confuses the water intake too much, it will be none stop when we reach port as all the laundry ladies will be on xmas hols
Where still having squally showers every night but this afternoon the sea has a nicer roll to it, not as much slamming.
hopefully we will be in Falmouth Harbour on xmas eve