back in the water

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sun 25 Nov 2007 14:00
Yes where back in the water after 2 weeks of really hard work, we where put in the water on Friday afternoon
and where tied onto the boat yard quay Jim had to get new batteries for the engines as they where flat and wouldn't take enough charge
to get the boat or the generator started. Yesterday we shopped! the stores are really good here and on par with u.k.all American style
we went to a through super store, and the supermarkets are the best in the Caribbean except for cheese it's all Dutch.
The weather is very hot and sticky about 32c and it rains on and off most days - the mossies are everywhere it's a battle to keep them out the boat
Jim caught a cold (I think from the plane journey over) a real hum dinger and wouldn't you know past it onto me this week, it's been hard to keep going,
but we have done all the jobs we wanted to do. We reversed the anchored chain, put the trampoline back on, replaced the head waste pipes in 2 pontoons
put underwater lights on the 2 pontoons put in a new inverter put the sails back on did the props which Jim had to get the anodes sent from the U.K. Volvo are not represented much here and no one had any, we polished most of the stainless fixed the generator which we thought I overloaded just before we left the boat in April but after some tracing wires Jim found that 2 wires from the air con. had rubbed to-gether and fused causing the boat to short out. The only things left to do are the water maker which we need clear water to do and the washing machine which could have been damaged when the boat shorted out.
We hope to leave the boat yard to-morrow morning and anchored in Spansse Water for a few days (or a weather window) we need to try all the electronics
make sure all is working . The trade winds are quite strong but its the squally showers- winds can reach 35k in them and a lumpy sea which is against us at the moment our plan is to get back to Bonaire and see what the ride is like if its not good we shall make a passage across the Caribbean possibly to St Lucia then work our way down , if we feel comfortable with the ride we will retrace our way back to Grenada