What a difference a day makes

Jim / Elaine Soens
Wed 27 May 2009 20:57
36.51N 049.37W
Well 2 days ago we had little wind and a flat sea watching dolphins feeding quite a large number
about 100 they came nd played for a little while and came back after they finished feeding
the next day was good and with a following wind and sea we put the parasail up and we where
sailing nicely, we took it down for the night in case the winds where too light to sail it-no need to
worry the winds came early morning so after breakfast the parasail went up again only to be blown apart
in the afternoon by a blast of 30k we managed to get it down before the weather got worse and we have
had a rotten 24hours 9' waves and a wind chop on top of that, we had to run with the sea overnight about 50 miles out of our way
got most of it back to-day but the wind and sea is from the north and its freezing hope it changes to-morrow!!