counting down

Jim / Elaine Soens
Thu 7 Dec 2006 16:29
16.59N 44.54W

Yes less than one thousand miles to go "yippie"- celebration to-night with bottle of bubbly
The sea has calmed down a lot but the wind is good and where managing to keep the
boat speed to between 8-9knots.
Sandra and I did the 1a.m. to 3.30 watch last night in our wet gear we had rain showers for
the first hour or so then the sky cleared quickly the stars seem far away down here -today
is a beautiful day very warm with clouds building on the horizon-perhaps more rain?
The forcast says we'll have the trade winds into nexrt week so if all goes well we should be there
on Monday-perhaps Tuesday.I think some of the super yacths will be arriving to-day!