The last lap

Jim / Elaine Soens
Wed 7 Oct 2009 19:33
Having spent the last 3 days here in Alanya the general consensus is that we all like it and Turkey. The Marina is newly opened and still under construction but will be very nice when finished.  Everyone has been very helpful and there are lots of folk here who are living on their boats and here for the winter.  Lots of dogs onboard too. Monday was a bit traumatic as Jim was told to bring us all to reception at 09.30 to go through the formalities with immigration etc. in the town and we would be accompanied by one of the girls from the office.  We duly arrived at 09.30 to find that the girl was not there, had to go to hospital they said so come back at 14.00.  We went back to Jenna and did some jobs in readiness for leaving her for a while.  At 14.00 she still wasn't there but arrived about 20 mins later after a telephone call from the Marina  (shades of Cyprus) We then all piled into a taxi with another couple who had to go through the registration process.  By 18.00hrs we had completed the process. Yes 3.5 hours of form filling and interrogation mainly for Jim as Skipper.  Firstly Jim did the transit log application allowing the boat to transit Turkish waters. Then we all did the visa dept. then immigration, then Jim did the harbourmasters office, then the health dept. and then we all returned to the police office.  By now we were all a bit frayed at the edges as it was quite warm too.  Now we are all legal and a lot lighter in the pocket having paid various fees in some of the offices.  Got a bus back and went across the road from the Marina and had a very nice dinner.  Had a very heavy rainstorm while in the restaurant and had to move from the outdoor covered area as it was pouring in on top of us.
Tuesday morning Elaine and Issy took a bus into town for some retail therapy and left the boys doing chores around the boat.  Wern't too impressed with the shops, all selling cheap fake designer labels and nothing of quality to be seen but a lovely town to walk around.  The Turks are very happy good natured people in our experience.  The boys came in to meet us for lunch and again we had a very good meal in a harbourfront restaurant and not expensive for the setting.
Today was spent cleaning Jenna and packing for our departure for Cyprus tomorrow at 12noon on the ferry which goes into Kyrenia in the north and we both have friends picking us up there.  I think we are all happy to be going home as it is a long time since we left.  J&E in early March and D&I in mid April. It's been a great experience for us and we have loved it all and in some ways are sorry it's over but thanks again to Jim & Elaine for making it happen for us.  Off to bed now for our last night on board but don't give up on checking the Blog as I have photos to post which I am having trouble sending just now but will send when we get home.
Best Wishes to you all
From  the Homeward Bounders