Jim / Elaine Soens
Thu 19 Apr 2007 01:39
We arrived in Curacao and anchored in Spaanse Water while we made arrangements for Jenna to be lifted out of the water at Curacao marine which is in Willemstad. This is a large enclosed piece of water where their oil refinery is located it is more of a commercial harbour, we sailed with the parasail again on our way from Bonaire it has been a very useful sail as the winds have been on our stern most of the time.
Spaanse Water is another large enclosed piece of water but it is all pleasure sailing and its about 6 miles from Willemstad.
We get lifted out in the morning this is the last night on board where
here on he slip ready to be lifted and it's very warm about 35c in the shade.
So journey's end we fly back to the U.K. on Saturday not returning till November. But in the mean time we have a rally in Scotland so will keep in touch.