On the Move again

Jim / Elaine Soens
Thu 1 Oct 2009 08:21
36.31N   027.45E
Spent Saturday & Sunday stocking up on food  for the next leg of the voyage and cleaning the boat up for Elaine's return on Sunday night.  She duly arrived safely after a very sad trip to the UK.  We were woken at 05.00hrs on Monday morning by a large charter yacht mooring beside us with the noisiest engine and crew imaginable. So sleep was impossible after that.  We eventually left Piraeus/Athens at 06.00hrs once again to a calm sea in the bays but once we got out of their shelter WOW it all happened again, very big sea and strong winds, gale force at times, so another day of inactivity as moving around the boat was impossible due to getting thrown from one side to the other.  This was the worst day since leaving Majorca.  Very cold too, had to wear fleeces all day.  Duly arrived at the island of Serifos and another calm bay with great views of the tiny town up on the hill top. Dinner on board and another early night (don't know how we can sleep so much)
Departed Serifos @ 07.20 on Tuesday and arrived at Amorgos @17.00.  Yet another bumpy day but not as bad as yesterday.  This was an isolated little bay with only a few local fishing boats anchored and a (closed) taverna on the beach, no sign of life other than that.  Were joined later by another small Catamaran but were very entertained by a large white goose and his 3 duck friends.  Elaine insisted we feed them the lovely brown bread I was saving for toast in the morning (such a softie) but we had a laugh with them trying to get on to the boarding steps on the pontoon to get at the crumbs.  The goose did taste very good with apple sauce the following night though. Well you've heard about these sailors at sea for ages and running out of food!!!  Only joking!!  He did swim round us for the rest of the night quacking away and looking for more food, even after we put the lights out and went to bed.
The boys got up and set sail @ 06.00 on Wed. morning for Niseros while the girls had a lie in.  A bit calmer again but still quite bumpy.  Did a bit of sailing again - on and off - as the wind was swirling around so sails were up and down a lot.  Very very cold again but arrived at our destination at 15.30hrs and very happy to get on terra firma again and looking forward to a nice night ashore after 2 on board and a nice dinner.  Lovely and warm in the little harbour where we tied up alongside.  A local ferryboat man helped and said it was OK to tie up there.  Went ashore to the taverna on the harbour for a beer.  Went back to the boat for a shower and change before walking into the small town.  A very officious young woman arrived and asked to speak to the Captain and said we could not stay tied up alongside and must go stern on (this after we had been there for 2 hours).  Jim was talking to the ferryman at the time and he said "don't argue with her, she is the harbour official"  Jim tried to tell her that we were going to leave very early in the morning and it was not safe for us to go stern on in the prevailing conditions but she was not open for negotiation and told him if he didn't do as she said she would get the Civil Police down to him.' Welcome to Niseros' I don't think so!!  We were all so annoyed at her attitude that we upped sticks and sailed to a bay on an adjacent island and anchored there for the night.  Our lovely dinner became bacon, egg & beans but was enjoyed by all.
Now sailing in lovely warm weather and calm sea again down the coast of Turkey (very close) to Rhodes where we plan to stay for 2 nights and look around a bit.  D & I were here 33 years ago so it will be interesting to see the changes.
Well me 'arties that's all for now and the next blog will be from Turkey.
Capt'n Jim, Long John Silver and the Galley Slaves