Jim / Elaine Soens
Tue 19 May 2009 18:56
25.14N 059.44W
Wev'e had a couple of calm "ish" days, we have a large rolling sea and no wind. We
have motored for 2 days, Jim isn't happy using fuel so early on. I think we will have to reach 30degrees north
before we get any wind for sailing.
Simon went fishing this morning thought he was set for the day-fish for tea, I thought that if he didn't catch
anything by 15.00hrs I would get something out of the freezer, well it took only 5 minutes for a fish to bite
and another 15 reeling him in -, it's now all cut up into 12 sizeable portions.So no more fish required for the next
week or so.Nothing much else to say we havn't seen any other boats no dolphins or whales only a couple of
solitary birds