Jim / Elaine Soens
Thu 21 Dec 2006 16:47
Anchored in Prince Ruperts Bay Dominica a very pretty place it'a pity we havn't more time to explore
but we need to get to Antigua before xmas, to-morrow where off to Guadeloupe that's another nice
place we will have to return to.
Martinique was a disapointing place we anchored in Port de France, their major town and went ashore for
something to eat after an hour's walking we only found Kentucky fried chicken and the dreaded McDonalds
eventually we found a restaurant and had a nice meal.The next morning we went to Carrefour supermarket
to get some nice french goodies for xmas it was worse than any supermarket in the U.K. it took us hours
to get around and ages to get through the check out-not a good experience.