Fw: back in the uk

Jim / Elaine Soens
Mon 29 Jun 2009 09:26

This is Simon & Joys blog about the trip, they have returned to the U.K.
as while in the Azores they fell in love with it and have bought a cottage
and where keen to get things moving!

We started this journey totally in the dark to what lay
ahead. Everyone told us it would be great and some even
professed to being jealous of us ( obviously the ones who
knew about as much as we did) To those who advised us just
to take shorts and t shirts we can only say just as well we
ignored that and took trousers, fleeces etc as well.
The journey was a totally wonderful experience - yes, the
weather and waves were very unkind to us but nothing could
dampen our enthusiasm. We soon bonded very well with Jim
and Elaine who were very patient and guided us thro the
basics. We helped as much as we could and learnt so much in
a short time - we never felt afraid as we had total
confidence in Jim - who we might add can shim up the mast
like a monkey. Simon was impressed with the way Elaine
could dish up a 4 star meal while the boat threw us all
around - my duties as washer up seemed so easy after that.
Jim excelled as barman when we were in harbour and kept us
in stitches with his stories and tales. We promise never to
let on that Jim put the engines on when a yacht threatened
to catch us up. Simon was so excited he had caught a big
fish - poor Jim was having a fit when we had to kill it and
mess up his deck but it tasted so good - fish is not Jims
favourite dish so we never saw the fishing rod again - just
as well as the waves got higher and higher.
It is a superb boat and we feel privaledged to have had the
experience so thanks again to both of you.
The visit to the Azores was superb and made us make a new
plan for our future - we will let Jim and Elaine explain
that one-just another impulsive step for us.

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