another sunny day

Jim / Elaine Soens
Fri 8 Dec 2006 17:18
16.45N 48.26W

Very warm and sunny after a quick rain shower this morning a big black cloud dumped
it's rain just as I'd put the washing out, nothing changes! Where all amazed that we've seen little wildlife
out here an odd flying fish and solitary sea bird every now & then. no dolphins or whales.
The sea is a little less wild to-day, more long rollers and the wind is steady at about 14-16 knots
The freezer decided to defrost this morning causing us all to panic, its full of meat even a turkey breast
for xmas dinner, but Jim seems to think it was the batteries that where low last night so we have had the
generator on all day charging everything back up The fresh fruit and veg are nearly all gone so its down to
tin stuff now.We've been altering our clock to get us on St. Lucia time so where 2 hours behind you at home
and we have another 2 hours to adjust yet, if we hadn't done it we would be asleep when it was daylight. The sun sets
quickly all done in 15 minutes or so,pitch black - at the moment the moon doesn't appear till mid-night.