On the move ag

Jim / Elaine Soens
Tue 15 Sep 2009 09:23
37.16N  015.18E
No we are not sitting in the middle of Africa contrary to the map you are looking at.  Missed out part of the position in the heading of the last Blog and the system is only as good as info it receives from the blogger!!
Just left the beautiful old city of Siracusa after two days there. Arrived late on Saturday night and anchored in the bay which is horseshoe shaped with a narrow entrance.  Early on Sunday morning we noticed race marker buoys being towed out and shortly after we were approached by race officials to tell us to move over to the edge of the bay nearer the city.  Up anchor and chose a nice position and dropped anchor again.  Just got settled when a formidable looking motor boat belonging to the Guardia Costeria came alongside and said ''you can't stay here, you have to go right now (08.30) into the Marina or go outside the bay as there is a big race and you must move''. Told them that the race officials told us to move there but he was not impressed and said ''you must go now''.  Up anchor again and off into the Marina. We had to laugh but a classic case of the left hand not knowing etc. After we got sorted D & I went ashore to explore this great old city while J & E sorted out the paperwork with the Marina. Really enjoyed exploring the very narrow streets and old buildings and walked over to the newer part of the city where we came across the power boats tuning their engines and discovered that it was actually the World Power Boat Championships. Lots of crowds gathering to watch the race which wasn't till 16.00 so couldn't understand the earlier hurry to get us into the Marina. Met J & E in the main Sq. for coffee and it was a bit showry but very warm.  All walked back to the Marina and had a snack on the way.  Spent the afternoon relaxing on board till 16.00 when all hell broke loose.  We were moored on the outside pontoon so had a birdseye view of the race and the noise was incredible with about 15 boats bombing round for the next hour causing us to rock & roll in their wakes.  We were fascinated with the 2 helicopters which were filming the event with amazing agility zooming right in on top of the boats. Pleased that a UK boat won one of the classes.  Went to a fantastic seafood restaurant (recommended by tourist office chap as being typical Sicilian) for D's birthday dinner and were not disappointed.  Great seafood & Sicilian wine, arguably the best we had all ever had.
Monday was spent with J & E off to find an Internet shop and do a bit of shopping.  D & I went off to find a supermarket and stocked up on a few essentials.  Snack on board and then refueled and left the Marina to anchor in the bay again.  Weather has been beautiful and we had a BBQ on deck for dinner followed by a game of Dom's (Yes he won again!!!!) and so to bed.  We are now sailing up the east coast and have just spotted Etna but it is very hazy and hot here. Heading for Taormina for the next 2 nights.
Cpt'n Birdseye and the Crew.