10.59N 63.50W

Jim / Elaine Soens
Tue 3 Apr 2007 22:00
Where in Margarita just off Venezuela had a good trip down from Grenada, not much in the way of wind but the tide and current and swell was behind us so we made good time.
We stopped at Los Testighos a small group of islands, they have no roads or cars no runway and no ferry they bring everything in themselves from here-Margarita which is 50 miles away.They live off fishing and bring their catch here to sell.
A large group of dolphins came out of the islands as we approached and swam off the bow for a good while, the first dolphins since Barbuda. Also on Testigos there is a large frigate bird colony , there must be many fish in the sea here.
Margarita is very American with large high rise apartments and very large malls for shopping. Fuel is very cheap here about 7p a litre
we get 2150.00 Bolivia's to 1 u.s. dollar!
Off early in the morning to Tortuga the snorkelling is said to be excellent there-I'll let you know.