on route

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sun 11 Mar 2007 01:18
Where in Dominica anchored in Portsmouth Harbour took a trip up Indian River with Albert one of the local boat men, no engines are allowed in the river Albert rows you in and tells you all about the flora and fauna. Scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean where shot here and this morning there was a film crew there again and we couldn't enter till they had finished.
We visited Guadeloupe on the way down that's where Deshaies Botanic Garden is
about one mile uphill from the anchorage well worth the walk. From Guadeloupe we went
to The Saintes a group of small islands which are French very different from other places
very French- little boutiques and small restaurants and every one on scooters.
Had quite a bit of wind coming down gusting to 40 knots but we sailed well with a reefed
in main and the genoa out. The swell was the more worrying up to 9 feet just off the bow
Off again in the morning to Martinique for a couple of days then St Lucia after that(where we started from)