on the move again

Jim / Elaine Soens
Fri 2 Feb 2007 14:48
18.02N 063.05W
Where in St.Martens at the moment left Antigua eight days ago
1st stop was Barbuda, we have friends from Scotland with us for 3 weeks
so they wanted to see the frigate colony on Barbuda. We anchored in Coco
Point Harbour surrounded by reefs-quite shallow so Jim took the opportunity
to put on his portable diving gear and clean the hull and props-we should go another
knot faster now. We came across a pod of sleeping dolphins in the shallows approaching Barbuda about 18 of them we seemed to give them a bit of a fright, we also saw quite
a number of rays quite large ones I think it put us off swimming too far.
We then motored up to St Barts-yes very little wind not enough to sail.
St Barts was quite a surprise-very south of France, every designer in clothes and
jewellery watches etc. some very good French restaurants and a whole heap of mega
yachts,we stayed for a couple of nights in Gustavo the caapital-only small
then anchored in Anse de Colombier the snorkelling was good a lot of reef fish
and many turtles.
Now where in the Dutch side of St.Martin Jim's in heaven there are a number of serious
yachts chandlers you can buy anything duty free.although he suspects they have put
the full retail price on
we could be here till Monday as there is some weather coming down from U.S.