back again March 2009

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sat 25 Apr 2009 13:30
17.01N 61.46W
We arrived back in Grenada a month ago after a 10 month break-quite a long time to have left her
most people where hauling out for the end of their season it felt strange being launched at the
start of ours. She looked good after a frantic week of work but would everything work? Well most did
after a bit of coaxing from Jim all except the dinhgy engine all choked up, but it was nice to be on the water again.
We have made our way north and at present are anchored in Falmouth Harbour Antigua The sailing up here was
some of the best we have ever had, when we arrived it was The Classic Yacht Regatta and now its Antigua Race
We've been working on the boat getting her ready for crossing back to the Med. in May about the 15th
The fridge packed in while on our way here so we called the guy up to fix her that done the freezer decided
to give up so back came the guy it's taken 3 days to sort the freezer out. While this was going on I managed to
block one of the heads with a piece of kitchen towel (by accident)Jim was not impressed at having to strip it right down to clear it.
So it's not all sunbathing & sundowners!!!
I have put on some photos leaving some of the anchorages on the way up here and also the classic boats in Antigua 
Quite sad really, but perhaps we will be back!