Grand Canaria

Jim / Elaine Soens
Tue 21 Nov 2006 16:07
Where back in Las Palmas been here about 2weeks and running out of time to do all the jobs that seem to need doing
we sail this Sunday for St. Lucia the weather forcast is fair at the moment, though it changes quickly here.
It was remiss of me not to introduce the crew so I correct my misdemeaner now , onboard we have Terry and Sandra
Greenwood and Les Reader, Pam his wife is here at the moment but has (wisely) booked a flight to St Lucia and will wave us
good bye from the shore here on Sunday.
There is plenty going on  there was the raising of the flags parade last Sunday there are over 30 nations represented here
and quite a good feeling about it all ,after the flag raising there was a dingy race with each team triying to sink the rest -
water bombs, buckets of water and some very smelly mixture of flour and fish I think being flung in all directions, a lot of fun.
Well Jim bought a new parasail which doubles our sail capacity if we find out how to put it up, where going for a trial sail on Friday,
will report back. We have purchased a fishing rod and lines and lures of every colour but we have it on good authority that the Barbie
pink ones are best we shall see.
The boat is fully loaded you would think we where away for 6 months our water line is very low.
well I hope to have some pictures ready to go on for the next entry which should be on Sunday Morning before we leave.