passage from Cephalonia to Majorca

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sat 24 Jun 2006 22:07
Well it seems ages ago we where in the Ionian islands with the family Amy and her friends went home a week ago now
we visited most of the Islands all very nice and quite unspoilt, the sea is crystal clear very little pollution.
where on the west coast of Italy at the moment ,about 150 miles south of Capri. There is little wind weve been motoring the majority of the tme
Its a very interesting coast line would like to come back again when its not so hot to have a good look at the countryside
The marina we are in at the moment is very nice and the people friendly the las marina was Messina in Scicily not so nice nor
the people, we lef there to go through the Messina straights the tide was against us and with normal powere on the engine ,which normally gives us 7-8 knotts
we where down to 2.5knotts and thats on a calm day. The sword fish fishing boats where out in force one man on a pole up the mast about 65feet and another on a boom out in front of the boat about 30feet out, they are looking for sword fish which sleep near the surface they spot them then they harpoon them
we should be in Majorca by the end of next week depending on the weather of course.