another sunny day

Jim / Elaine Soens
Fri 1 Dec 2006 15:17
Yes clear blue sky's and a bit more wind what more could we want--- well we got another 3 fish to-day, so
we've hidden the rods from Les, I've spent the last couple of hours gutting them and Jim's complaining
of the smell, well you know what he thinks of fish!
The parasail is back up and where cruising at 6knots, with 9 knots of wind ,the forecast is for the trade winds to set in to-morrow
so we should pick up all the wind required for a fast westerly sail, well that's the theory.
We've seen plenty of flying fish to-day, you think your looking at blackbird size birds skimming the water, they go for a good
distance before disappearing into the sea.
On another yacht to-day they caught a large tuna the guy reeling it in went down on the bathing platform to deal with it
the tuna made his last ditch escape, the guy and the rod ended up in the sea they retrieved the guy but not the rod, so some
where out here is a tuna towing a rod and line.
One other yacht near to us at the moment and only one during the night - where's every one else?