11.59N 061.45W

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sat 8 Dec 2007 14:28
Where back in Grenada anchored in Prickly Bay. From Curacao we went to Bonaire and did a bit of snorkelling saw many reef fish and a turtle swam by
oh it's good to be back in the water.Bonaire is a national park you can't anchor anywhere but they have put mooring buoys for you to pick up and it seems to work the water is very clear and the coral is alive with many brightly coloured fish and this is just off the back of the boat.
The weather was forecast to be calm and it was apart for the last 10hours approaching Grenada and then it was not pleasant at all., we had done a couple of night sails to try and make it before the weather broke, coming back to Grenada we are against the wind -waves and current
so it's a hard beat back, but where here all safe and sound. We've met up with a few people we met last year and made new sailing friends, the bay is quite busy people putting their boats back into the water ready for the seasons sailing. Where off further around the southern tip of Grenada on Wednesday, we have decided to go home for xmas (don't know if I'm up to the cold though!) so where leaving the boat in Clarks Court Bay in the marina, hopefully in safe hands.