on route again

Jim / Elaine Soens
Sat 9 Sep 2006 13:28
after a short break off the boat while it had it was antifould and other jobs done, then we awaited our crew in Andratx
then we set off to Formentor on Tuesday morning we spent the night at Es Palmadore then sailed straight to Gibralter
arriving on  lunchtime Saturday.
It was quiet trip the weather and sea was calm, saw quite a large number of pilot whales and near Gibralter we saw
a number of flying fish.
We manages to go over a lobster pot marker (2 lemonade bottles tied to-gether with nylon rope about 8m in length) which wraped round 
the hull and was banging against the side of the boat the rope cutters had cut if from the propellers this was at 1.30a.m.
when Sandra andI was on watch! Jim and Terry launched the dingy to untangle the bottles and rope.
Hopefully we set off again for Grand Canaria on Monday we should arrive 4 days later-we hope
give you an update then