Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 8 Sep 2013 12:46

Sunday 8 September


Still waiting for spares!  Now been in Sant Antioco for over a week, getting very bored.  It some ways it is like a prison.  Security is very tight here.  There is an electric gate which has to be opened by a member of staff, even at night.  We therefore have to ask for them to open it when we go shopping, out for a meal or even just a walk!  Always obliging, but it is a bit like being caged. 


Decided to head for Cagliari (the capital) for the night.  Found the best way is by bus to Carbonia ( I always want to call it Carbonara), and then by diesel train to Cagliari.   Set off Saturday morning, having found a suitable hotel for the night.


Got to Cagliari, and had a great meal of stewed veal in a local restaurant.  Very Italian, free white wine aperitif as they were all busy eating their own lunch and had to delay serving us!  Then set off for the hotel.  Oh dear!  Supposed to be “near” the train station and “close” to the centre of Cagliari.  It was at the very top, up innumerable steeply inclined streets, above even the Castello overlooking the city!  Got there absolutely drenched in sweat.  No answer to ringing the bell, no reception, no answer when we called the hotel no. or the “cell” phone.  Two lovely Dutch girls turned up, and told us they had been advised to check in at 3 pm when the cleaner would be there !!???!!  We all waited patiently, and at 3.15pm the cleaner arrived.  Let us in to the converted flat on the 3rd floor (after that climb!).  Rooms obviously had not been cleaned, the whole place was just a joke.  Lesley and I decided to go for a walk whilst they cleaned the rooms for us.


Ended up beside the Hotel we used last time.  Well, my wife has certainly honed her negotiating skills since we last tried to do so.  Maybe Caris is having an influence!  She persuaded Julio, the receptionist, that we were entitled to a 33% discount as returning customers, and promptly took a room!  Back up the hill to collect our bags, and then in a wonderfully clean, air conditioned, King size bedded room with sea views etc…. Took time to use Tripadvisor to give the first place as rotten a feedback as possible, and enjoyed ourselves.  Had a lovely meal in town, and slept like logs.  Amazing breakfast, and then back to the boat by train and bus.


Hopefully they will carry out the repairs tomorrow, Monday.  It should not take more than a day if everything is here, and there is a weather window at the end of the week for Sicily


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