Santa Teresa

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Fri 15 Jun 2012 18:57

41:14.2N 09:11.7E


Santa Teresa Gallura


A comfortable motorsail from Castelsardo.  Left at first light, hoisted the main as we had a land breeze giving us 8 knots of wind from the South.  Enough to keep going, but not enough to arrive in good time, hence the motors as well.  You just have to get there in time for a sundowner – the magical hour of 6 to 7 pm is a must in the marina.  Perfect time for a G&T or whatever.  The wind waxed and waned, and we just plodded on under both main and motor.  Got in around 3 pm, to find the fuel berth shut.  Never mind – maniana will do as the Spanish would say.  Ended up being tied up next to Mora Mora.  This is the Oceanis boat owned by our Belgian friends who came form Minorca to Sardinia with us, and whom we met again in Alghero and Fornelli’s passage.  Amazing coincidence.  They are going to the Maddalena islands tomorrow, but we are here until Sunday when the Ogles arrive, and plan to leave Monday 18th.  Good marina, but wifi is 3 Euros a day!  Will stick to the dongle.  Went cycling in town today and found the supermarket.  Loaded up with most essentials, but could only fit in 2 bottles of wine, so a return visit tomorrow is on the cards.   Intense negotiations about the menu with SWMBO.  Have restricted salmon pasta to once a month! 


P.S.  In case Vassuki reads this, she should know that we are still finding long black hairs over the deck!  We are keeping it for genetic testing, as we are convinced it is hers, and will be presenting her with a bill for washing the decks yet again, which the crew are reluctant to participate in.