wet english summer

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Mon 18 Jul 2011 20:10
Well, the weather has done its worst.  The low hung around, and gave us Force 8 in the Solent today, Monday, so we decided to sit it out.  It’s rained, it’s been cloudy, it’s cold – anybody would think this must be Wimbledon week, but we are in fact mid July.  Iola is now ready to go with everything safely stored aboard.  She might sit a couple of inches lower in the water, but is certainly able to accommodate all our little “extras”.  We have enough DVDs and books to keep us amused for a circumnavigation, so maybe this is what Lesley had planned all along!  My sister, Dolores, had planned to come and see us off today, but I had to cancel this.  Latest plan is a departure Tuesday around 1300 hrs ‘towards Dartmouth’, but we shall see.