Lesley & Derek Mercer
Wed 17 Aug 2011 04:21
37:06.5N 08:40.5W
Little to report.  Left our anchorage after a fairly wild night – the wind never dropped below 20 knots, and was gusting up to 30, but suddenly, around 8 am, it eased considerably.  I decided to set off as it was daylight, and once we had gone for about 30 mns or so, the clouds lifted, and we were in brilliant sunshine and light winds.  Easy 2 hour journey to Lagos marina, getting hotter by the minute.  We have definitely entered the “Mediterranean weather” zone of our trip. The good news is that as an ARC participant we get our first night free in this marina and a discount on our stay here.  It is a large, well-run marina, but Lagos itself is just a tourist resort.  Everything was swept away in the 1755 earthquake and tsunami, so no historical buildings etc...   Our next stop is likely to be Rabat, but we have not yet decided when to leave, and it may not be for a few days.