Lesley & Derek Mercer
Wed 20 Jun 2012 19:23

41:17.5N 09:21.7E


At anchor in the archipelago.  Wonderful spot, just a few vessels around us.


This morning I went to pay the marina and have a shower.  Well, they don’t open before 8 am.  I was there around 7.30, but there was no way they could deal with me.  “The Director” was not present, so I had to wait.  I wandered down to the showers, but they too were only open after 8 a.m.  I hung around, and there was almost a crush at opening time, with 5 men (and Vera) all looking to have an early shower.  Fortunately, there were enough facilities to cope with this, and all went well.


I then needed to get my permit to visit the Nature Reserve.  Armed with instructions, off I went on my bike.  Found the office.  5 chaps running around, but this was the wrong place!  I need to go to the “information office” at the end of the courtyard.  Another 3 people, plus an adjoining office with 6 persons hovering.  Oh no, they were closed until 9.30 am!  Back to the boat.  Returned at 9.30, to find, no less than 10 people waiting in the queue before me!  GRRRRR!!!!!   Eventually got in, and purchased my permit to visit the National Park.  Only a half hour wait, but  why?  As we were staying the night, I needed a 2 day permit.  The leaflet, which they gave me, explained how the park “offers the bottoms the more beautiful”.


Found this wonderful anchorage.  Beautiful surroundings, waves quietly lapping against the hull.  We all drunk a toast to our friends at the Mansion House dinner, and went for a swim.  Very refreshing.  The piece de resistance, was when Vera  returned to Iola.  She climbed the ladder, which is admittedly awkward, as the ladder tends to swing under the boat a little, making climbing aboard difficult.  Her request to Malcom that he “PUSH MY BOTTOM” was  unforgettable! (Beats the “bottoms the more beautiful”).


As an aside, Malcolm and I, have moved on from the “bikini index”.  There was a score of -1 for the British boat in our bay, but we have decided to upgrade to the “half bikini index”.  A powerboat past us with a singular outright winner of this award, and it has set the scene from here on in. 



Vera and Malcolm have agreed to provide tomorrows blog – there will be no editorial input, so no responsibility accepted!