La Coruna (1)

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Thu 28 Jul 2011 20:05
Sorry about the delay in updating you, but we have been busy.  Having arrived at lunchtime, it took an hour or two to bed IOLA down and have a celebratory glass of wine. I then managed to get Dennis a flight out of La Coruna the following day to Heathrow, after which I crashed out, but Lesley and Dennis went out to enjoy some tapas.  They are not quite sure what they ordered, but it was tasty and fun.
During Biscay, it became apparent that we had two significant problems with the boat.  The batteries were all but dead, and I was having to run the generator every 3 – 4 hours, or everything started shutting down – autopilot, navigation etc...  The first priority was therefore to secure new batteries.  This took almost the whole day to find the right shop, sort out which batteries to order, and then organise payment.  This was not an inexpensive exercise, but essential.  The trouble is they cannot supply for 4 days or so, so we are stuck, much to Lesley’s delight, in La Coruna.  The next problem was the heads (loo to you and me).  The guest heads had a small persistent leak from the base.  Well, it has been warm and sunny with clear blue skies in La Coruna, but I spent most of the day with my head stuck down a loo.  Not fun, but now sorted thank goodness.  The joys of being skipper!
Meanwhile, Lesley has been working the spare anchor.  As you know, it was a condition of her coming along that I purchased a washing machine for the boat which I refer to the spare anchor as it weighs so much, and an anchor is much much more useful.  For a while, I thought she was trying to help pay our way by taking in laundry from adjoining boats, but it turns out it was all our own.
Tomorrow a day off.  Plans to visit the Tower of Hercules and other sights.  I am going to try and attach some photos to this blog, but bear with me if there is a glitch.
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