Lesley & Derek Mercer
Wed 6 Jun 2012 18:21

40:33.9N 08:18.5E




Arrived OK in Alghero.  Found a good marina, who offered a discount over the phone.  (We are learning, slowly). 


It’s a big tourist town, with all that entails.  Expensive restaurants, jewellery shops etc…  The climate has changed.  Now much hotter during the day, clearly Mediterranean. 


The office of the marina are very helpful.  Speak good English, and arranged a berth in the nature reserve (Asinara) when we leave.  More importantly, they arranged somewhere for IOLA to  be left for the 2 months we are in UK (July/August) at a very acceptable price.  The pilot book says to “avoid” this place, but the price is irresistible.   All the problems seem to be if you have work done on your boat, which we are not planning, so hopefully it will be OK.  There is no doubt marinas etc.. have become much more aware of the “network” boat owners have about problem marinas etc.., and are more anxious to please than they used to be.