Biscay 3

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Tue 26 Jul 2011 01:09
44:07.7N 007:55.7W
A quiet day.  Overcast, but the odd shower.  Winds had picked up and were from the West (260 degrees), and as we were heading 230 degrees , made life a little tedious.  Had to motorsail part of the way, until the wind started to veer.  We expect to reach La Coruna tomorrow lunchtime, all being well.
I am having to decide whether to rename Iola the Marie Celeste 2.  Lesley and Dennis have been playing around with the AIS machine (the radar type of thing) because the screen was too bright at night.  There is a button on the machine marked MOB which stands for Man Over Board.  The idea is that if someone falls in you hit this button and so at least have an idea where to start looking for them when you turn round.  Well, we now have on our plot, at least 6 MOB scattered along our track across Biscay, and so Iola must, presumably, be a ghost ship!