Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 9 Sep 2012 03:43

40:01.6N  08:24.2E


Left Fertilia at first light.


What a shambles!  I had underestimated the strength of the current.  In Fertilia we were moored up to the breakwater and are, in fact, in the river which runs across the berth.  As soon as we let go, the current swept us onto the boat to our right, and we got caught on the lines running from his bow into the river.  I dare not use the engine on that side, as we would have ended up with a line round the prop!  After about 5 minutes of major anxiety, hauling on his lines, pushing us off his boat and general chaos, the current swept us out into the middle of the river and we were free!


A very uneventful day followed.  Lots of small fishing boats out (it’s a Saturday, so presumably all weekenders), but little else to see.  No wind, so motored the whole day.  We found a lovely spot to anchor behind Capo Mannu, and after a swim and a meal on board, settled down for the night.  Tomorrows destination is Buggaru, and yes it really does exist.