It's not dead till I see the body

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Wed 3 Aug 2011 09:26
42:07.2N 008:50.7W
Well, we have arrived in Baiona.  When we set off yesterday, the barometer had fallen.  As we went along the coast, I picked up a Spanish weather forecast to the effect that an Iberian “low” had moved into SW France, and sure enough the barometer then started rising, and continued to do so.  As a result we had light winds but a very flat calm sea.  Ideal for IOLA, who was comfortably cruising over the slow rollers that did make it in from the Atlantic.  As a result we decided to press on, and head for Biaona.  Once Lesley took over the watch the fog rolled in and we were in a real pea souper.  Fortunately all the electronics were working perfectly and with a combination of Radar, Mapra and the AIS, were able to keep clear of what little shipping there was.  The AIS is this sort of radar that works on the VHF radio wavelength and puts little triangles on the electronic chart where each ship is, and gives its course, speed and name.  Very helpful for the big boats who are all obliged to have it fitted.  The radar works well with smaller vessels e.g. fishing boats.  Mapra is a technology where you can “select” a radar target and then up pops a little window telling you its speed, direction, cpa (closest point of approach), and time to cpa.  Again, you then know whether to avoid them or ignore them; all very clever.
Lesley retired when I took over in the small hours, and woke up to a very very friendly mosquito which seems to have taken residence in our cabin.  He has been spotted by Lesley, lurking in a corner, and she has the bites to prove its presence.  It has now been given enough “Zoom” to kill its extended family, but it’s not dead till the body is seen.  I don’t think DNA testing will be needed, but I am prepared to keep an open mind.
By for now.