Lesley & Derek Mercer
Wed 20 Jul 2011 17:56
50:21.36N 003:34.40W
Arrived in Dartmouth after a tedious day.  No wind to speak of, so motoring all the way.  It was grey and cloudy or raining.  We set off at 5 am, easily slipping off the mooring.  There was an incident where someone had left this big red thing with a flashing light on top of it (also known as a navigation buoy) exactly where I was heading, but we parted company without making contact, fortunately.  Reached Dartmouth around 5 pm, and could only find a berth on the public pontoons.  No electricity, no water, and a water taxi to get ashore, but it is cost effective.  Dennis was already here when we arrived (Dennis is our no. 1 crewman, an anaesthetist in his previous life), and quickly joined us by water taxi.  The weather for the next few days looks “just right” for a Biscay crossing. The first step is the Chenal du Four and the Raz de Sein, both notorious amongst sailors.  It should take us about 30hrs to get there, and then on across Biscay.  Probably an early start at 6 am.  Many thanks to all of you who have taken the trouble to email us, it’s good to hear from you.