Buggerru and showers

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 8 Sep 2013 12:44

Thursday 5 September


We are waiting for spares.  We need a new water trap for the exhaust, and this needs to come from Holland, where Vetus is based.  Vetus is one of the “big” names in boat spares, providing a variety of very useful, well made, parts for everything from exhaust systems to water tanks to electronic controls.  They have left Holland, but do not know when they will arrive.


We decided to hire a car.  Set off this morning for the local regional town, Iglesias.  We had seen it before, when we came across last February, but it was nice to go back.  Stopped for a coffee.  Lesley went to the loo, and obviously pulled the lever when done.  The shower immediately came on, drenching her!  Wrong lever, methinks.  Fortunately not too wet, and then found the right lever to empty the loo.  Slightly bedraggled, she rejoined me, and drying out well in the heat, we were able to proceed to Buggerru.


This place really exists.  Italians completely unaware of how we pronounce/interpret it.  They call it BuggEru, accent on the E.   It is a small town, with a small marina and beautiful beach.  Had a wander round, and finally decided on lunch in the restaurant overlooking the marina.  When I tried to order “carne” i.e. meat, had been promptly told no!   Ended up with a  wonderful  meal.  I have to admit I did not know what I was ordering!  It turned out to be mussels with “Zuppe”, a delicious tomato/parsley/spicy sauce, followed by a sea food mixed grill:  sea bass, cuttlefish and langoustine.  Food to die for – really Italian, tasty, but of course none of your “1 to 5 veg”.  Couldn’t fault it.  Got back to the boat, but we have exceeded our 100km  a day limit on the car hire.  Forecast tomorrow is for rain, rain and more rain.  Not sure what we will do.  Maybe keep the car and wander round Sardinia some more. 


Ah, showers!