NE Sardinia

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 10 Jun 2012 18:55

40:54.7N 08:42.2E


Back safely in Castelsardo.



Difficult trip back.  Not much wind, and what there was was on the nose.  Slowed us down, but not a real problem.  The real headache was the swell.  About 1 metre waves coming at us from about 30 degrees, lifted one hull, then the other, then “slam”.  Uncomfortable, and IOLA hates these sorts of short seas.  But we made it safe and sound.


Today was a “day off”.  Went by car to explore the North East corner of Sardinia.  Needless to say, we just had to call in at any place with a marina, where we might choose to drop in with IOLA!  Saw Isola Rossa, a small place about 12 NM East of here.  A safe, artificial marina, with a good beach but little else.  Went on to Santa Teresa Gallura.  Very good marina,  All facilities, except quite a trek into town.  Ideal setting off point for our next “target”, the Magdalena islands, a nature reserve at the South East corner of Sardinia.  Weather important, as the winds funnel through the gap between Sardinia and Corsica, and you need to be sure that conditions are settled, or you face gale force winds and massive seas.


The three of us, Lesley, Vassuki and myself wanted a pizza for lunch.  The marina had kindly recommended a couple of places, and provided us with a map, so off we went.  Having found a good table in the first restaurant, our request for a pizza was met with a polite “Non”.  They did not serve pizza at lunchtime.  Not willing to accept this, we asked if it was a local custom, to which we received a nondescript answer.  Off to the second restaurant.  Sat down, and was looking at the Pizza menu, when the waitress told us…..yes, you guessed it… pizza at lunchtime.  Daft when they call the place a pizzeria.  So we refused to accept this, and set off again.


Found a lovely place just round the corner.  Happy to cook any pasta we chose to order, with wine at a very fair price.  Fresh orange juice for the ladies, and a delightful meal at the right price. 


Afterwards, we went to Palau, and walked along the sand.  Vassuki insists that her desire to do so had nothing to do with watching the very Italian couple on the beach, but I wonder.  The ladies found a gelateria (ice cream parlour), and made the most of this.  I chatted to the marina, but they explained that the harbour was “full” and that I would only be offered a mooring, and would need to use my dinghy to the local beach if I chose to stay there.  Not overly impressed, but might be OK.


Drove back through some impressive countryside to Castelsardo.   Lots of mad Italian drivers on the roads, but no mishaps.