Engine problems

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Fri 30 Aug 2013 20:14
39:03.3 N  008:28.0 E

Who would believe it.   After all our troubles in the spring, when we got up this morning one engine wouldn't fire up.

We had a momentous night.  Much entertainment as a gin palace found itself on the rocks and had to fire up its engines and move out into deeper waters around 3 a.m.  So much for well paid professional skippers!  We had massive thunder and lightning, much more than I have ever seen before, with the sky lit up almost continuously for minutes on end.  Accompanied by 26 knots of wind.  We swung round, facing East, then West, but the anchor held so all was well.  Dramatic, but uneventful for us.

The morning was different.  Decided to move on.  Tried to start both engines, but the port one simply refused to start.  Tried all the usual tricks, checked the battery etc... but no go.  With my tail between my legs, I rang our trustworthy Volvo dealer in Port Romano, and agreed that I should come here for him to look at the engine.  It sounds as if this is another expensive repair, and that we are going to be stuck here for a few days.  Will keep you posted, but doubt if anything major will happen until early next week.  We have moved "back" by 6 hours at least, but more importantly lost the weather window for Sicily this weekend.