Lesley & Derek Mercer
Thu 21 Jun 2012 18:31

41:14.2N  09:11.7E



The Ogles have commandeered the Blog! As you can imagine, we have been royally treated. Yesterday, Wednesday, we sailed to a beautiful bay in the Maddelena Archipelago, where we dropped anchor in time for Lunch. The siesta was followed by a wonderful swim. Even Lesley was enticed in and then swam further than the rest of us. The usual delicious Dinner followed.

Just as the Skipper had retired to bed (washing up time!) we were approached by an official looking craft. The 2 occupants asked whether we had a coffee machine on board (did we look like a floating Starbucks?). We explained that unfortunately we did not, but were still given a cake “that Mama had made”.What to make of this? Were they on a reconnaissance? What was in the cake? Needless to say, we battened down the hatches before retiring. We were woken at 1 a.m. by a terrific crash (it even woke the Skipper). Had we been invaded? “Fortunately” it was just a very strong wind getting up – 27 knots (Force 6, 1 short of a gale).

A disturbed night followed and the next morning the Skipper made a hasty retreat to a safe harbour.

One or two observations. Lesley likes ice creams (3 scoops will do). You can easily wash up in 2 inches of water! Derek has taught us the benefit of a siesta. The Mercers are wonderful hosts.