Pooh bear?

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sat 16 Jun 2012 16:10


41:14.2N  09:11.7E


AA Milne, in one of his stories about Pooh Bear, explained how he got stuck trying to get some honey down a narrow tunnel.  Well, it happened on IOLA today.  I was trying to attach the solar panel to the dinghy battery (it is supposed to start at the press of a button rather than the pull of the starter cord).  To reach the battery was awkward.  I had to thread my way between the upper and lower stainless steel beams across the back of IOLA.  Holding my breath, I just managed to squeeze through, and clip on the battery terminals.  Then came the problem.  Could I get back?  No way!  By tightening my abdomen in order to get a grip and go back,  I became fixed more firmly into the gap, and made it impossible to retreat.  Lesley’s solution was to try and find the camera, to record events for posterity!   After a certain amount of heated debate, I inched forward, onto the dinghy, and then climbed back on board.  Dignity restored, but only just. 


I am reliably informed, by SWMBO, that her brain works best “not at 2 AM”.  Her proprosed solutions to my Winnie the Pooh problem bears this out, except it was 2 PM, not 2 AM!  What is 12 hrs between friends?   I will have to keep these pertinent facts in mind when planning night passages etc…


A lovely hot day in Sardinia.  21C at 9 am, and now around 32C, at least.  Can’t wait to set off for the Islands, when we will be able to go and jump overboard to cool off.  Ogles arrive tomorrow, and away maniana!