Majorca 3

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Thu 10 May 2012 17:35

39:43.7N 03:27.2E


Have found a beautiful bay in the North of Majorca.  A straightforward trip here, although a slow one.  Flat seas, lots of sunshine, the Med as she should be.  Arrived around 6.30 pm to find two other boats here.  The advantage of this bay is that it is the nearest to Minorca, which is visible, and 23 miles away.  (about 5 hrs sailing).  We chose our spot, and dropped the anchor to avoid the pipeline which apparently runs through the centre of the bay to Minorca.  All well and good.  Settled down for some pistachios and a well earned glass of wine.


There were 2 other boats here already at anchor.  As we enjoyed the evening, lo and behold we realise that one of them (not the British yacht), were keen nudists.  All was on show!  I managed to keep Lesley out of the cockpit for some of the time.  As you know, we are looking forward to Vera joining us in June.  What a reputation to maintain, but why does this crop up now???


A lovely night at anchor, and we set off early for Mahon in Minorca (Pronounced Mao). 


Arrived around 5 pm to a lovely marina.  Lesley had telephoned them and “done a deal” i.e we were at monohull rates, so very cost effective.  The cost of marinas in the islands is frankly ridiculous.   You clearly need to “talk” to these people to make sense.  The recently upgraded marina next door “with prices to match” was empty.  Says it all. 


The forecast is bad for the next few days, so probably here until it makes sense to move on.  Next hop is 40 hrs minimum, so only in good weather.  Might hire car to visit neothilic sites.


More anon.