Ibiza 3

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 6 May 2012 03:51

39:04.8N   01:36.1E



Found  a beautiful bay on the northern coast of Ibiza in which to spend the night at anchor.  Had the place all to ourselves.  We are behind some high cliffs, so no internet access, but well protected from the wind, what little there is of it.  We set off this morning from Ibiza with a loverly southerly breeze, and I was able to sail downwind at a comfortable 4 knots until the breeze died around 1 p.m.  We were then motoring. 


Once we had the anchor down, a seagull came and parked itself behind IOLA, hoping I presume, for scraps.  After an hour or so, he gave a loud sqwak, and flew off in disgust.  Happened to wake Lesley up who had dozed off in the cockpit, and so I am not sure who was more upset with whom.


Off to Palma tomorrow morning, a straightforward 12 hr journey.