La Maddalena

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Tue 19 Jun 2012 15:59

41:12.7N 09:24.3E


In La Maddelenna



After last night at anchor, a beautiful bay, wonderful dawn,  We set off, and chose to come to the capital of the National Park, La Maddalena.  From here we can explore the different islands.  We have tied up in the main marina, right next to the ferry which runs to the mainland.  One goes every 20 mns or so, so lots of traffic, but ideal for jumping off to shop, visit restaurants etc… I hope the local discos are still in “off season” mode. 


We tied up at lunchtime, and Malcolm and I have invented a new index, which we think should feature large on any marina website.  We call it the “bikini index”.  As every boat comes in, we score the bikinis on view.  There is no doubt the Italians are way ahead of the Germans, and the Jersey folk clearly need to go back to primary school!  Vera has tried to start an alternative “he man” index, but it doesn’t even rate capital letters!


Verushka, as she should be known, has come up with some wonderful comments over the last couple of days.   On one occasion she stated “I may be a clueless blonde, but not that clueless!” – I’m not quite sure of the correct response to this.  We do remind her, of course, of the Golfe de Vera, but this seems to be falling on deaf ears, but our cameras remain at the ready!


More soon.