Engines, engines, engines

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Fri 20 Sep 2013 15:20

37:30.2N 13:05.2E



We decided to leave the marina in Trapani, and anchor in the harbour overnight.  You are allowed to do this, but as ever in Trapani, have to ask the harbourmaster first.  (If you forget to call them on Ch10 as you enter, you end up with a 350 Euro fine!).  The Webasto man had arrived late morning with our repaired heaters.  We have two Webasto diesel heaters, one for each hull, and they had both packed up.  I didn’t bother with them for obvious reasons earlier in the season, but knew there was an agent in Trapani, so got in touch with him as soon as we arrived.  He repaired one in 10 secs flat (loose connection on the pump), and took the other one away for overhauling in the workshop.  It turned out to be a broken connector, so quick and easy to fix.  He replaced it in less than an hour, and we were ready to leave.


Switched on the various electronics and navigation equipment, and went to start the engine.  One OK, but the one just repaired – nothing.  Checked everything – nothing.  Getting a little stressed now, after spending many thousands of euros in getting it “sorted”, so rang Andrea who had repaired them in Sant Antioco.  He could hardly believe his ears, and was mortified.  Anyway he rang the local Volvo dealer who was on IOLA within the hour!  Quickly found that there was an intermittent fault with the anti siphon break.  (Next bit very boring).  This takes the seawater up over a loop, 40cm above sea level.  When the engine stops, the valve opens allowing in air to make the sea water to drain back out of the system.   Otherwise there would be a siphon allowing water to pour into the engine, which was had happened.  Quickly sorted, and they tried to find me a new siphon break, but found it would take 2 days at least, which I was not prepared to wait for.  Andrea, on the phone to check all was OK, offered to send me some in Licata, where we are headed for the winter.


So, at 8 p.m. we finally left the marina for the anchorage.  Settled in for the night, only to find the 70 ft catamaran anchored behind us were having a party!  Music, shouts, splashes as bodies were thrown into the water, all going until 4 a.m.  Personally, I think the crew had “guests” on board, and were making the most of the situation. 


Anyway, come 6.30 a.m., we weighed anchor and set off.  Lovely day, and make good progress to our current location, arriving around 3.30 p.m.  Decided to be mean and stay at anchor rather than go into the marina, especially as we plan to set off early tomorrow, and this is always easier from an anchorage than a marina with all those lines.  Found the perfect spot just beyond the marina (using their breakwater to give us a calm anchorage), and found two other boats here who obviously had the same idea: a Dutch ketch, and a British yacht.    Forecast is good for tomorrow, so Licata here we come!  Chicken satay for dinner tonight.