We're off

Lesley & Derek Mercer
Fri 13 Sep 2013 12:11

After 2 weeks in Sant Antioco, I am delighted to tell you that our engines are READY!  I have to say, Andrea, the foreman at the boat yard, has been a star.  He carefully explained to me that he really, really didn’t want me to have any more problems, and had looked into everything 100% to make sure our engine setup was good. 


We ended up with new valves, overhauling the injectors and reassembling the head.  We also now have two new “marmites”, or water traps to you and me.  I thought all was well 2 days ago when they started the engines, and promptly paid the bill (we are working off a fixed estimate).  I was courteously told that my money was welcome, but I was NOT to start the engines under any circumstances – it turns out that once they have done all this work, there is a small chance of water being in the oil, so they routinely change it all the next day.  On top of that, the engineer who did the work, insisted on coming back today, our last day, to fine tune the tappets and make sure the gap was spot on. 


One of the reasons we didn’t get away yesterday, is the wind.  Gusting 22 knots, so uncomfortable, especially with the swell which builds up with this sort of wind.  We have therefore decided to leave tonight, Friday, at midnight.  The winds should be favourable and light, and by the time we reach the channel between Sardinia and Sicily the swell should be abating. It is a 36 hrs crossing at least, so “radio silence” for a couple of days until we get to Tripani.