Lesley & Derek Mercer
Sun 9 Sep 2012 03:42

40:35.5N 08:17.3E


Back in Fertilia.  It hardly seems like 2 months ago that we left IOLA here.  At the time we were worried about security, as the yard is always open, but all appears well.  We landed at 10 pm and took a taxi to IOLA, and managed to get all 4 suitcases on board without dropping any in the water.  It provided some amusement, I suspect, for the fishermen casting their lines off the breakwater.  Incidentally, I think they act as sort of unpaid security guards for the boatyard.  A dozen or so are always there (in different shifts), quite literally 24 hrs a day, and obviously see everything that goes on.


The next day, I obtained my new engine battery from the boatyard, and once connected up, found it all worked perfectly.  Time for a massive shop at the local supermarket, struggling back to the boat with a full shopping cart and three plastic bags of food and essentials.  We had planned to leave on the Friday, but it was too hot by the time we had finished, so settled for a siesta and went out for a pizza in the evening.  I was a bit worried that the yard might charge us for extra nights as we were already 3 days behind schedule, but they did not seem interested.